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About RKC

The Rajkumar College (also known as RKC) in Rajkot is one of the oldest K-12 institutions in India today. RKC has a 26 acre (105,000 m²) campus located in the heart of Rajkot city.

The foundation stone was laid in 1868 and the college was formally opened in 1870. The college has a flourishing history of 139 years and has had students from all walks of life. The college was founded for the education of the Princely order by the Princes and Chiefs of Kathiawad for the education of their sons and relations.

In 1938, on the initiative of its founding members, the College became a Public School (private school in Western terms) – the first such college to do so. The college itself is also a founding member of the Indian Public Schools Conference.

The College Administration in 2001, inline with the New Millennium, opened its portals to girls, in what has been a boys’ bastion for over a century. Three years later, now the school has almost 50 girls walking shoulder to shoulder with the boys and it seems the initiative of the administration proved to be successful. Now the school also has boarding facilities for the girls.

Another endeavor of The Rajkumar College Administration has been Priyalok Villas, a pre-school program for the kids. It’s housed in a 1909 AD heritage building, well-equipped and an ideal environment for the healthy growth and development of the child. Whilst having its own domain, it has ready access to all the comprehensive facilities of the Rajkumar College.

Current Focus
RKC has one of the best laboratories for its Science and Mathematics departments giving students cutting edge technology exposure.

And when it comes to sports, RKCians have no match. Every year different sport teams travel to parts of the country to participate in Inter Public School Competitions (IPSC), District/State/National Level sport events.

Apart from studies, the school also focuses on co-curicullar activities like Public Speaking/Recitation/Debates, Bio-enrichment camps, and other cultural activities.

As time went by the School has made few changes required to make affairs easy. Such changes include renovating the Hospital, State-of-the-art water purification system installed, construction of new buildings to accommodate new children keeping in mind its ancient Anglo-Greeko architecture which was built even before our Great-grand parents were born.

The colleges motto only says it all. ” Yasya Bhuddhibalam Tasya ” which means ” Knowledge is Power “.