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An Open Letter to the Principal on July 5th, 2011 – RKC Visit

Jul 5th, 2011 | By | Category: Alumni Blog, Blogs by KS Lavkumar Khachar, Jasdan

Tuesday, 5th July, 2011.

An Open Letter to the Principal.

Dear Vinodbhai,

This is to express my admiration for what you are doing for the School. Asking former Staff Members to take the first two periods of the new Girls’ School was indeed a novel concept and I am glad I could attend. Normally, at this time of the year I would have been up North and it was my ill health that had evacuated me to spend my first summer in Rajkot in decades and this function was the first I attended after the operation! It is a pity more of the older staff especially of my time did not attend as then this indeed would have become a novel get together. The two full periods I spent with the girls of the 12th Standard bought home to me how very important it is to isolate boys and girls regardless of what modern thinking may be. I spoke to them about the concerns of all parents for their growing daughters and what lay ahead of them. You will recollect receiving a letter of congratulations when you had informed me that the new school was to be a girls’ school and not as had been envisaged a school for Day Scholars.

Among the many things we talked about was how unique it would be if RKC Day girls and boys were to come to school on bicycles instead of on scooters. I would strongly recommend to your following up the suggestion which I understand has already been made that bicycles should be mandatory. As a former RKCian and a member of the Staff, it would make me hugely proud to see my Old School youngsters on bicycles as against all the others breaking the law blatantly. I pointed out to the senior girls that they would indeed be laying the foundations of a tradition. While in the other School, your name appears at the end of list of earlier Principals, in this School, on the board behind the Principal’s table yours is the first and will head all the rest that will follow.  If in the other section you are doing a great job carrying forward things, here you have a greater job laying the foundations. I am sure you will stand tall. God be with you.

After the function, you very kindly showed Ayaaz and me around to see some of the new things happening and I have come away with full admiration for you and your Board. First, let me compliment you on the way every part of the campus is being maintained. There was not a hint of shabbiness anywhere. Then, while you have not encroached an inch on the playing fields I was delighted to see how space has been optimally used: the riding field, the junior and senior cricket nets tucked away behind the Gymnasium on either sides of the upgraded basket ball courts, and the artificial turf tennis court which I hope will see producing a crop of fine tennis players. But what left me in full admiration was the excellent repair and upgrading of the North Wing…………the doing away of the wooden flooring of the dormitories, the attached baths to each dormitory, the improved facilities for the House Masters!!! I trust the same will be done to the South Wing.

I end with all the very best.






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