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Observations from RKC Badge Ceremony 2011-12 year – continued

Jul 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Blogs by KS Lavkumar Khachar, Jasdan

Thursday, 14th July, 2011.

Dear RKCians,

This is in very quick succession, but I just have to share some thoughts with you on what I experienced yesterday at the Investiture Ceremony. Apart from the departure from tradition by the badges not being given out by the Principal, what really impressed me were some observations only someone who had been part of the System like myself can be sensitive to. I gained an impression that the students were very much in charge of the entire function. The whole thing was theirs! I will enumerate why I say this:

1. The flag bearer stood throughout the entire function without a slight shake! I was observing him. Giving badges to Ninety and the speeches that followed takes time as is to be expected.

2. The compeer (is this the correct word?) was not a Member of the Staff, but one of the boys and he conducted the entire thing with immense smoothness.

3. The boys bearing the badges to be handed out made not a single mistake and I just did not have to wait even a couple of seconds. Each bearer knew exactly which badge pair was to be given!

4. In my distant memories of such ceremonies, there would have been plenty of rehearsals; this could not have taken place since the School has just opened. There was a measure of spontaneity which could not fail to impress.

5. The Head Master and the Head Mistress of the Primary School were given importance, the former by giving out badges to the Junior Monitors and the latter rounding off the whole function by expressing a word of thanks.

Another small matter needs mentioning. The Chauffeur of the car which conveyed the Principal from the Bungalow to the front porch of the College deliberately took a wrong turn to facilitate my getting off to be received by the Staff Members waiting. The error was mine in that I should have got in from the opposite side of the car when getting in at the Bungalow!

The years ahead will be challenging in maintaining the same sense of élan and discipline; my best wishes to the Principal and his largely young staff and the large number of Prefects and Monitors.

Lavkumar Khachar.

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