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Getting Old Has Its Advantages!!

Jul 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Blogs by KS Lavkumar Khachar, Jasdan

Yes, age does give that much edge provided that is you do not express opinions about latest developments like say, computers. But, I can challenge even the most expert weather man when it comes to matters pertaining to clouds — have been doing precious little other than gazing at them for much of my time. Modern technology has merely added to my capacity. Unhappily, the impression I have gained is that the experts in the Met. Department are relying far too much on what the weather satellites show and are giving far less importance to surface observations. The highest accuracy can be gained by combining information at ground level and correlating it with what is shown up by space pictures. It is the surface winds that determine the flow of moisture and their blowing over surface features that generate the up drafts that produce clouds. 

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