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Greetings and gratitude from Mr. Ayaazkhan on being awarded the Guruvar Award

Jan 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Alumni Blog, News & Announcements
Dear All,

Let me first wish you all a very, very happy 2010.


This is to express my deepest gratitude to all the RKCians who have sent me messages of congratulations and expressed their feelings with very generous words. I really find it rather difficult to react. I do not know what to say. I am also conscious that reaction and words can seem either affectedly modest or lacking in modesty altogether. Nevertheless let me be factual and honest as best as I can be.

Padmashree Sunny Warkey of the Gems Education foundation who has several hundred schools in 125 countries decided to recognize, honor and reward Teachers (gurus). Being a son of teachers and a teacher himself and as well as his son, felt strongly that teachers were not receiving the recognition they deserve. He discussed this idea with eminent educationists such as former President Abdul Kalam downwards and his concept and idea was endorsed by eminent educationists including Ministers such as Kapil Sibal, Sashi Tharoor, Narayan Murthi et al. I learnt that on the teacher’s day they launched the project asking people to nominate teachers for Guruvar Awards. It seems that almost 1,60,000 thousands names were received.

Somewhere mid November I received a phone call from Mr Trevor Pariera that someone had given my name and I should send my bio data. I did not respond and I did not even know anything about it. Mr.Trevor was a persevering kind of gentleman and reminded me every third day.. I was to leave for Bombay to attend a cousin’s wedding and also the Old Boys do on the 16th so I handed over what ever information I could to my PA Ms. Purvi Karia saying please respond to this gentleman’s requirement.. Had it not been for Mr Trevor’s perseverance and Purvi’s ability to dig out just about enough relevant information about me I would not have earned this honour. With my bio data Purvi attached a few extracts from the “GOLDEN LEAVES” . these are the two ALBUMS I have been given by the Old Boys when I was given a very emotional honour about 18 months ago in Ahmedabad. Some 140 students have written about me and the collection was compiled with tremendous sacrifice of time and energy by Kumar Shah. I have a one line bio data – “45 years as a teacher in Rkc” Period. Therefore I do believe that my choice for the unique honour is due to these generous words of affection by the Old students given to me by means of the Golden Leaves. Therefore the true recipients of this honour are the Old rkcians. When I met the organizers a few hours before the award ceremony I asked Mr Trevor as to who gave them my name for nomination and scrutiny and I was quite surprised and immensely touched to learn that that that too was an Old Boy, a very shy Old Boy, who as far as I remember never Communicated with me ever since he left school. I did call him up on the 24th to express my gratitude to this kindly Chhupa Rustom. – Brijeshsinh, Maheshsin Jadeja of Ganod.

The Gems foundation divided the country into four zones North, East, South and West. Set up jury of eminent educationists for each zone to study these hundreds of nominations, make inquires about the persons concerned and nominate three outstanding persons for four categories. These being: Outstanding teachers for children with special needs, Outstanding Young Indian teacher, Outstanding India teacher (over 30 yrs) and Lifetime Achievement Award. All these 48 were to be honoured with a cash prize of 1.25 lac each. !6 of these toppers or winners – one in each category in each of the four Zones – with 10 lacs each. These 16 were decided by setting up a Grand Jury who further scrutinized these names passed on to them.. The only town to have two winners among the final 16 is Rajkot. A truly deserving teacher of SNK Ms Bijal Damani won the outstanding teacher award for west zone and I happened to get it for Lifetime Achievement .All 16 of us were asked to present ourselves in Delhi with a spouse or friend we were royally put up in the Taj Palace Hotel and all our expenses of air travel etc were borne by the organization and we were awarded the honour in the Darbar Hall and given our trophy by the Minister of Human Resources Mr Kapil Sibal. It was very beautifully conducted programme which is to be telecast on CNN-IBN at 4.30pm on 3rd. Jan.

I learnt about my selection of the 19th evening and then on my wife’s coaxing I looked up the to realize how authentic and important an award and organization it was. I do hope and believe that this would go a long way in encouraging young brilliant minds to opt for this noble profession – a dire need of the times for us in India, in particular.

Did I deserve it? I do not know. Each person who has known me would know for himself how deserving or undeserving this recognition has been. I am grateful to god that he has blessed me with a life each day of which has been pure Joy and oft and on rewarded me with honours that I never sought. The greatest blessing has been the affection of family and friends and colleagues and students in such large numbers.

Since I have been given this by an organization that did not know me personally, based on the words of my old students I can I believe take it that I must have done something right in my interaction with the students. If my natural conduct has been right I must thank my wonderful teachers, especially Sir, Mr. Peter Rogerson and Miss Cooper my mentors. I think something, a little of them must have rubbed off on me. All those who know about RKC know that a House Master cannot ouse Master devotes every minute of his time to his students and in such circumstances an understanding family – in my case my wife, Kirtida and daughter Neha are a boon. I owe a lot to the two of these wonderful human beings,without them I would be nothing at all. So let me honestly and deeply thank God, Old Boys ( and girls), mentors and Family for such a prestigious recognition for a little good that I may have done.

Apologies for the long rambling account. I warned you I do not have the gift of expressing my thoughts briefly.

I must make a special mention of the Ahmedabad group of students which actually includes some of Baroda, Rajkot, Mumbai, Delhi, Malaysia, Bangalore, Pune. etc. for their exceptional kindness always.

Thank you, thank you ever so much.



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