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Individualism and Cooperation, a lesson in Biology

Oct 21st, 2008 | By | Category: Blogs by KS Lavkumar Khachar, Jasdan

Reference: Launch of the RKC Alumni website.

I am elated at the progress you are making in gathering all the wayward sheep scattered across the pastures of the Earth. My “Well Done Lads” to the two of you (Rahul & Amit). Now through you, to all the others a biology lesson may be in order.

Even the most moderately educated among you will have heard of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. In it this great thinker provided a fabulous understanding of the bewildering kaleasdoscope of living things on this planet. The core of the Theory is the concept of THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Naturally the simplest understanding of this simple truth was that brute force gave a species the edge over all else and it is on this that such aggressive groups started scientifically justifying their bullying over others culminating in the horrific experiences the Germans went through. Most of us biology teachers failed to go beyond the superficial. Mankind is an example of the clearest definintion of “FITTEST”. A very weak and utterly vulnerable set of individuals have mastered all other more powerful and highly evolved species by possessing the intangible: Intellegence which made us cooperate with one another. While we have been envying the social insects in their highly ordered communal lives, we have once again failed to go a little beyond. Human Beings cannot attain their greatest potentials without two distinct attributes, Individualism and Cooperation. ThereĀ are no limits to where we can reach if we nurture these twin and often seemingly opposing attributes. The essense of this lesson in Biology is to make you appreciate that to make this initiative a great success, every one of you must make a contribution but strictly within the guidelines being drawn by our pioneering duo.

While taling Biology, let me take the opportunity of informing you that the present Principal at the School is a Biology man and I hope he will make the RKC boys and girls do their morning PT despite the occasional cold spells that are on their way. One of my lesser regrets is that I did not swim every day of the year while at RKC. My condition would have been superlatively better.

All the very best,

Oct 20, 2008

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  1. Dear RKC Alumni,

    Please post your comments, thoughts, memories etc. for/with Mr. Lavkumar Khachar here so they can be a permanent archive for others to read and benefit from.

    Rahul Patel

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