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Mr. Ayaazkhan Babi conferred the prestigious Guruvar 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award

Dec 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Alumni Blog, News & Announcements

150,000 Nominations. 4 Regional Zones. 4 Award Categories. 32 Finalists. 16 Winners. 1 among them, Mr. Ayaazkhan Babi.

The Guruvar Awards represents a significant movement in the education field in India. As the largest teacher awards event of its kind in India, it has lived its promise to be a spectacular occasion where teachers have been the stars.

Our very own Mr. Ayaazkhan has been conferred the Guruvar 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the West Zone for his outstanding contribution in the field of education while at the Rajkumar College, Rajkot.

While India is facing a detrimental shortage of teachers, there are many great individuals who are dedicating their lives to this righteous vocation, despite the many obstacles. The Guruvar Awards have honoured these angels of society who give selflessly so that our youth can be strengthened to charge towards their destinies of greatness.

Great teachers make a difference. With the Guruvar Awards, India has acknowledged and is paying respect to this noble profession.

Guruvar Awards is a non-profit, non-commercial initiative which has recognised, honoured and rewarded outstanding school teachers from across India. By showcasing the impact which great teachers have on their students and community the Guruvar Awards are creating an awareness for this noble profession and restoring the strength, dignity, and value that it so deserves.

Let us all join in congratulating Mr. Ayaazkhan on his being conferred this distinguished award.

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  1. Dear Rkcians,

    Its an Honour for me to Break The News.

    Mr. Ayaazkhan Imamuddinkhan Babi (Sir) has been given LIFETIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD
    by GURUVAR AWARDS (Honouring Teachers Across INDIA)

    With great happiness and respect.

    Anal Dalal


    It’s great news & honor for us, as our Sir is recognized & felicitated!!

    With Best Regards,
    CA. Shalin V. Patel,


    Great, it truly reflects what we felt earlier this year when we felicitated him.
    Chetan Vyas


    Respected Sir,
    I am truly happy for you Sir, and sure the lady behind you shall be high on life now. We all are indeed previlaged to have studied under your selfless guidance.

    A true mentor a great person indeed.

    Harsha & Kumar Shah
    Ruchika & Rahul


    Dear Sir,
    Congratulations on this grand achievement. It was an honor to be your student. May you receive more such awards in the years to come.

    Dipan Patel


    Dear Sir, Mr. Ayaazkhan,

    We are very proud to hear the news of the LIFETIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD by GURUVAR AWARDS (Honouring Teachers Across INDIA).

    CONGRATULATIONS, Sir. It is a very precious moment for all of us. Wishing you the very best, always.

    Ashesh Vakharia


    Dear All,
    This is indeed a breaking news!!!!!…….Sir rightly deserves the award…..

    Congratulations Sir!!!!!!!
    Wish you & your family the very best of health…..

    Samir Warrier


    Dear Friends,
    This award epitomises the best of RKC since he was both a student and a teacher.He truly desrves it as a Teacher.A huge no of us have been tutored by him and the best in us can be attributed to his tutelage.

    So lets us celeberate it in True RKC tradition:

    Three Cheers for Sir – Hip Hip Hurrah! Hip Hip Hurrah! Hip Hip Hurrah!
    Sir ko Teen Tali ka Man do.

    Let these sounds echo thruout the world!

    Raju Parekh


    Congratulations to Sir & our own RKC.
    Best Regards,
    Amardeep H. Jhala


    Kudos to Sir ! 3 Cheers for Ayaz Khan

    Thanking you
    Pushkar T.K Banerjee



    Shashikant Sampat


    Very Deserving, indeed!

    Heartiest congratulations to Sir!!!

    Vipul Mashru




    Poojan Shah

  2. Respected Mr. Ayazkhan (Sir),


    Personally speaking, your being conferred the “Guruvar Award” for your
    lifetime contribution as Teacher, is yet another affirmation that you have
    always been far more than a model Guru; one who has consistently
    endeavored to create honest, hard working and dedicated individuals out of

    This recognition at a national level makes my family and me ever proud to
    have the previlage and good fortune of growing under your able wisdom.

    During the function held in Ahmedabad in 2008 to felicitate your kind
    self, I distinctly recall that while you graciously acknowledged our
    appreciation you showed bit of hesitation in believing all that was being
    showered on you. Well Sir, this award only proves that there are many
    many more across the nation who too believe in what we have anyways known
    all these years.

    Congratulations Sir.

    With all my respects,

    Amit Shukla
    1972 – 1980

  3. Dear Sir,




    Congratulations Sir.

    Amish Srivastava


    Respected Sir,

    Congratulations and this only goes on to prove that you are the “Guru” in true sense in whom one sees God, Parents, Teacher, Friend, Philosopher and Guide.

    Through this mail I only request RKC Alumni that we all jointly felicitate Sir by organizing a big event at RKC, Rajkot.

    Kind Regards,

    Bhupenrasinh Champavat


    Respected Mr. Ayazkhan Sir,

    Heartiest congratulations for the lifetime achievement award.

    It is my honour and pleasure to be your student. Sir, I feel proud to be running short of words to express my feelings at this moment. This award is just a small gesture as compared to what you have done for the School and larger interest of the society. May this memorable moment be just the begining of many many many more to come.

    With warm regards

    Darshak M. Thakkar

  4. Congratulations Ayaz!

    What a nice way to start 2010! Now, this is the direct result of having got you all together on the ‘net, so Ayaz my boy, you had better give me a slight credit. If there was any lacunae in RKC it had been this absolute lack of communication among the RKC family and we must make this effort stronger and more meaningful. Actually it is Rahul Patel who deserves to be remembered today for having taken on the task when I told him, “We do not know where all our Old Boys are or what they are doing……..if nothing else, having an effective communication among us would let you all know when I

    May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very eventful 2010!


  5. Respected Sir,

    Heartiest Congratulations on receiving the Guruvar Award 2009 for lifetime achievement. We are very proud to see our beloved Sir getting recognised at the National level.

    The only regret i have is that i was not one of the 62,000 students who nominated you becuase i did not know how to nominate your Guru. Kudos to our fellow-alumni who initiated and nominated Sir. I would love to add my drop into the ocean (vote) for Sir if there is a similar recognition at the International level. I cannot express my gratitude in words for what i have received from you as a pupil.

    Indian Express article:

    Photo of our respected Sir with the award:

    Chirag Parekh


    Dear Sir,
    Vivian Manek


    Dear Shri Ayaazkhan Babi (Sir),

    Warmest congratulations to you and to the School on the conferrment of the Lifetime Achievement Award by Guruvar Awards. It was a privilege to have been under your tutelage at RKC, and to have had a chance to meet you off and on over the years since.

    With fondest regards and very best wishes for the New Year.

    Sujan Chinoy, I.F.S.
    Joint Secretary
    National Security Council Secretariat
    New Delhi
    (RKC: 1965-1974)


    Respected Mr. Ayaz Khan Sir ,

    Congratulations to you and your family on the great achievement.

    It is a matter of pride and honor for all of us to be your students.

    Yours faithfully,

    Vipul HK


    Dear Sir,

    It’s a great pleasure for me, that you have received the greatest of great award, the one which RkC can only dream through you and only you.

    Congratulating you through mail may not fit you but sir, for me this is the fastest mode to reach your heart.

    With warm regards, in a hope too that you receive many more in your life.

    Sudhansu Swar
    RkC Family

  6. Dear Sir

    Congratulations on receiving this unique and prestigious award, you thoroughly deserve it, I remember when you were the House Master for the senior house, you always encouraged us, but only wanted the best from us, and above all you made us think for our selves, by being dedicated, committed, self disciplined, and truthful, all these qualities have stood us all in good stead.
    I am honoured to have been a student under your wing.

    Your student,
    Pramath Pandya


    Dear Sir & Madam,

    You and RKC gave us the best. You and your family deserve nothing but the best.

    Snehal Patel

    Dear Sir,

    Congratulations. Thank you so very much for the wonderful years.

    Best Wishes,
    Sonam Patel


    Dear Ayaazkhan Sir,

    Your being bestowed upon the GURUVAR LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is but a corollary to the the dedication and sacrifice you have made for our Alma Mater – RKC.

    May you be showered with many more accolades ,for which I suppose all RKCians would be delighted and concur to.

    This brings to mind a few couplets that hold true for all our Teachers in general and you Sir in particular that helped to shape the lives of thousands of students under your tutelage, who now truly value the ( initiation by fire ) great education they were fortunate enough to imbibe.

    Guru-Govind Dono Khadde…
    Kisko Laagu Paai……………
    Balihaari Gurudevki Jo Govind Deeyo Bataai….


    Guru Brahma ,Guru Vishnu , Gurudevo Maheshwarah…….
    Guru Saakshaat Param Bhrahma………………………………
    Tasme Shri Guruvayha Namaha……………………………….

    In Sanskrit the word GURU connotes: Gu = Darkness and RU = To remove.

    That Sir is exactly what you and other esteemed teachers have done and for all your pains this is but a small recognition which swells our chests with pride.


    Best regards and charansparsh,

    Rajendra Patni
    Kingdom of Bahrain


    Dear Sir

    This is to congratulate you for receiving the prestigious Lifetime Achievement teachers Guruvar Award. I was proud to share this news with my family and even more proud that I was fortunate to be your student in my early years of schooling at RKC.

    Once again congratulations and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Paresh Merchant
    Los Angeles, USA


    Good Morning Sir,

    I am reading through all these e-mails about my beloved Sir winning one of the most respected Award for Teachers and one thing that comes to my mind is – “If I have to select someone who would be the most deserving Gentleman for this Award, without doubt it will always be YOU Sir”.

    You have given us RKCians the best we could ever get. And you and your family deserves this Honour (with “U”).

    I salute you Sir.

    Rahul Borsadia

  7. My dear Ayaz,

    Though have scribbled a few words earlier, pardon me for a long delay but better late than never.

    Congratulation is excellent word and the language must be having a better word for the covetous award for the excellence in education.

    Rajkumar College Rajkot should be proud that one of his sons has scaled the highest educational peak. Darbarsaheb of Pajod will always remain humble but Rushwa Mazlumi can not hide his pride even in his heavenly abode. RkC is synonym for Life to Ayaz and will be synonym for years and years to come.

    I wanted to thank you again and again for being the Chief Guest for the Annual Function of our school. Your thought provoking address in Gujarati in the style of Rushwa Mazlumi, the moving poetic message in Kutchi by ‘Shabab’ and the sensitive guidance in English by His Highness Ptragmulji III the Maharao of Kutch has been recorded and preserved. We shall send you the CD and a few photographs showing Her Highness Priti Devi the Maharani of Kutch and you presenting prizes and scholarships.

    Salute to Begumsahiba and love to Neha.

    Yours very sincerely,

    5th January 2010

  8. Dear Shree Ayaazkhanji,

    Sometime back I was really overjoyed to learn that you were awarded the Guruwar Lifetime Achievement Award 2009 by Mr. Kapil Sibal , moreover your statement : “I did not apply for this prestigious award ” as reported in DNA was outstanding and praise worthy.

    Please accept my heartfelt congratulations, although they are late ,they are most sincerely expressed.
    I look forward to meeting you at the next available opportunity.

    With warm regards to all at home.

    Anirudhsinh Jadeja (Khirasara)

  9. Respected Sir,

    I feel proud to be your student and thank god for making you a teacher who has made lives of so many students. You will always remain in our hearts sir!


    Mitesh Sanghvi ( Surendranagar )

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