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Mr. Ayaazkhan Babi

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Son of Ranisaheba and Kumar Darbar Immamuddin Khan (Ruswa Mazlumi) of Pajod.

Mr. Ayaazkhan Babi

KS (DS) Ayaazkhan Imamuddinkhan Babi

The late Darbar Saheb, was also an RKC student from 1927 to 1934 was honoured by the Indian Government for being the first Muslim ruler of Western India to opt for free India in 1947. Well-known as Ruswa Mazlumi, Urdu and Gujarati Shayer and author.

Wife: Kirtida, BA Lib. Sc. Librarian and right hand of Head Mistress Miss Cooper since 1977 (resigned).

Daughter: Neha, MA (English Literature)
MS University. Is a teacher at SNK, Rajkot.

Education Rajkumar College from 1950 to 1959. Senior Cambridge and SSC.

BA (Hons) and B. ED.

School Appointments Head Prefect (only one to hold this title) President Debating Society

President Wanderer’s Society

President Entertainment and Dramatics Society

Sports Captain: Basketball, HockeyVice Capt: Cricket, Hockey (Guj. University)

Member of the Gujarat State Team

Champion Athlete

Winner of Doubles Tennis and Table Tennis Tournaments

Leading Gymnast and Tattoo Performer

School Prizes Karansinhji recitation, Gold Medal Prefect’s CupGordon Athletics Gold Medal

Victor Ludorum (Ath) Record holder of all long distance races

Special interest in Dramatics – played active part in 5 to 6 plays

Coaching Course National institute of Sports Patiala – All India (Orientation Course) Hockey, 1st Position

National Institute of Sports, Bangalore- All India (Orientation Course) football ,3rd position

MCC, England mass Cricket Coaching Certificate

Gymnastic Course at Army PT School, Pune

Experience Joined RKC as a teacher of English and Asst. House Master (Seniors) 1963. Appointed House Master in 6 months – Lower Senior House, SWLL, Juniors.

House Master (Seniors) – (Upper & Lower Lodges and Prefectorial Lodge). All together for 25 years – a record.

Vice Principal, RKC, June 2000.

Director, RKC, November 2000 to April 2008.

Presently Director, Sanjayraj Education Zone.

Administrating OM Shanti Engineering College and Setting up BS Study and Pharmacy College as well as a Residential School.

Recognition Life Time Achievemnent Award by The Galaxy Education System, RajkotHonored as a Leading Educationist by Rotary Club (Main) Rajkot.

Called by several Schools, Colleges and Institutions to motivate and speak on Youth and Education.

This is what RKC Old Boy, Kiran Patel , an eminent educationist himself, had to say when Mr Ayaazkhan was honoured with the Life Time Achievement award by the very prestigious Galaxy Education System:

“……Into this environment of my unforgettable Junior and middle school years, Mr. ayaazkhan, my Guruand our honouree on this auspicious night, stepped in rather unannouncedand unknown to a group of gaggled-eyed, young unsuspecting googlers! And he proceeded to take us on a magic carpet ride.

Our eyes were filled with wonder and excitement as we experienced Superman as it were! Was there anything that Mr Ayaazkhan was not good at? There were few takers to answer this question. He cast a spell on us, a spell of excellence. To a young boy, steeped in literature and sports, two fields in which Mr Khan was particularly brilliant, it felt as if I had discovered the foundation of life, the mother lode!

Hockey and reading became obsessions from the passion that they already were. There were many of us, who resolved there and then, that he would be our role model. We looked up to himas we looked up to no one else at that time Little did he perhaps know in those days, that his every word was our command! Fortunately or unfortunately, we have no way of now finding out.

Time and the passing of years, make memories blur, but Mr. Khan’s pivotal role in my life is forever etched in the innermost recesses on my being. My thoughts and actions are even today guided by his example. Being eternally grateful may not be enough. I shall probably have to thank him for the next ten lives.”

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