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Observations from RKC Badge Ceremony 2011-12 year

Jul 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Blogs by KS Lavkumar Khachar, Jasdan

Wednesday, 13th July, 2011.

Dear RKCians,

I have before me a beautiful memento inscribed by the crest of the School, below which is “INVESTITURE CEREMONY” Wednesday, 13th July, 2011 and below it my name. It was given to me by the Principal today as a memory of a very unique function which expanded a tradition into a grand function. The School Prefects and Monitors were given their badges in a very special ceremony in the Bhavsinhji Hall. I had the privilege of being the Chief Guest and was asked to present the badges to the School Senior Prefects. The Principal gave badges to the Middle School Prefects and the Head Master to the Monitors. There were 90 awardees in all! What made the entire ceremony a departure from earlier presentations was the fact that the parents of those receiving the badges were seated on the right facing the staff on the left with boys across the Hall.

I was asked to address the gathering after the Principal who introduced me in glowing terms which were indeed most moving. In my speech, I pointed out the unique situation where it was the Day Scholars and their Prefects and Monitors who would be advertisements of the School in the Community at large and I urged them to ensure that they did not come across as second to the Boarders as then they would advertise the School as being a second class one. I also pointed out that while it was indeed gracious of the Principal to introduce me as the School’s most outstanding House Master; it was my Prefects who created the day to day discipline of which I got the credit.

Significantly, the Head Boy was the grand nephew of one of the very first Senior Boys I interacted with when I joined the Staff of the School. I also drew attention to the fact that on the marble scrolls were names of my Father, Uncles, Grand Father, Grand Uncles indicating my association with the School being part of the tradition which they were the heirs to. The Principal had given me fulsome praise as being one of India’s leading conservationists and environment educators and gave me opening to tell the youngsters that it was the School that had, had a long tradition in contributing to much of what I had achieved significantly the Marine National Park and the Youth Education Program. RKC had sent the very first groups to the education camps that are today replicated across India.

Fittingly, the concluding words of thanks were read out by my niece whose son was one among the Prefects appointed. Alaukika Raje helped establish the PRIYALOK KG section and heads the Primary School with very obvious efficiency. So, all in all, the afternoon function was extremely personal and I thank Thakkar Saheb.
Photographs and a report will undoubted appear from the Principal so do look out for it.

Lavkumar Khachar.

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