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RKC pictures of the January 26th gala celebrations with ORA

Jan 28th, 2010 | By | Category: News & Announcements, Photo Galleries

I have been bestowed the pleasure of posting these pictures taken yesterday at RKC during the January 26th gala celebrations and interactions of ORA and activities throughout the day. A huge thanks RKC and specially to Ranji Deroose, a fine photographer for giving me this pleasure.

Rahul Patel (USA)

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  1. Dear All,

    It was and excellent opportunity and phenomenal experience. Thanks to Mr. Thakkar Sir and his whole team for putting this whole programme as well as lots of ORAs together. The event starting from the photogenic brochure at the registration to matches with the current boys brought back everything.

    Seeing India Tricolour flying high on Clock Tower (which could be seen for miles around) was true tribute to the Country on the Republic Day. General body meeting in Main Hall and Ayaas Khan Sir’s felicitation just were perfect toppings for a jam packed action filled day. Not to rule out the food and the mess impact, the day was perfectly rounded up with chill (pill) dip in the pool. Having the families of ORAs was a master stroke.

    I have just one suggestion (made personally to Thakkar Sir) of shifting The Old RkCians’ Day to a specified day like fourth Sunday of Jan or a such suitable day to accommodate presence of ORAs connected with Govt (Defense, Admin Police, etc), Semi Statutory bodies, Academics and Institutions which have their functions on the Republic Day.

    Perfect day, made us feel proud with a lots of warmth. Thank you once again Thakkar Sir, and wishing all the very best to the school.

    Chetan Vyas

  2. I did not join Chetan for a chill in the pool, but did call on a man whose life has meant so very much to so very many of you: Bharat Singh. Unfortunately he was asleep and I did not want to disturb him. While House Masters like myself and Ayaz take a lot of the cheer, it is men like Bharat who give character to institutions and it is a pity he is not in a fit condition to enjoy receiving any felicitation we may consider according him, but I am so very happy that his son Mahendra is a House Master at the School. His elder son, a full Colonel in the Army called on me to the delight of my grandson Shiv who asked me “Are all my Mamas in the Army?”

    I have to commend Thakkar Saheb for the way the school gardens are cared for. Thank you Vinodbhai for polishing the gem that is now in your care. I do have one complaint, however, I would so much have liked to have met all the Members of the Staff! How about a Staff Day when we can meet and not be told about how we punished and bullied the poor little boys quite conveniently forgetting that they were not exactly angels with little halos around their heads?

    Lavkumar Khachar.

  3. Dear Principal and Team,

    What more could a student who has lived through the grand schooling in RKC ask more for than to re-live those wonderful years again and that too with ones entire family.

    The rich ambiance, the soothing air of RKC, the vibrant colours of various flags exhibited during the Flag hoisting ceremony reminding me of my Jhalawar house and our National flag hoisted on top of the RKC tower was a sight to see relish from miles away.

    The school children now have a band of their own and blew the trumpets and beat their drums as we walked behind the guest of honour for the day – our own gardener Musa who has served our school for 43 long years and continues to do so.

    The boys and girls in uniform of NCC was very impressive and made my heart beat at the pace of their drums.

    Many RKCians with their family were in the Quadrangle present at 7.45am for the flag hoisting and paying their respect to the nations – Jai hind. It was a very encouraging site to see so many of them at this early hour. 11 of us some with family, from Baroda made it for our ORA day of ours.

    This was followed by our RKC breakfast which was the starter of the day and which is also relished by most. We had the Annual general meeting of ORA and also felicitated Mr Ayazkhan for his GURUWAR Life Time Achievement Award which was the iceing on the cake.

    At 9.30 a.m. my son and I opened the cricket innings which I was looking forward to dearly as i am still very active on the cricket front in Baroda. But I must mention that both the opening bowlers were just too good and too fast for us. We hardly lasted on the wickets getting runs mostly in form of byes. Many others tried their luck but the RKC team of ours was over powering. Three of my class mates too tried their hand at batting.

    Later on the boys realised this and bowled slowly and made us play like kids. Three cheers RKC team. Hats off to you all.

    There were stalls to visit and a fun fare kind of an ambiance where we drank orange juice and eat wafers and chocolates. We also bought many RKC souvenirs made by the school like t-shirts caps, RKC buttons for the blazer, letter pads etc,

    We also tried our hand at shooting, hitting the cans, Hoopla, tailing the donkey, and many many other games organised by the school for all especially the children and spouses. There were movies for them too.

    We had many photo sessions of the entire group, one with Mr. Lavkumar at my side and also in batches with family. Oh it was just too good. I await the photos eagerly.

    What Sir specially did was to invite all the national best cadets personally for a photo session and that was a great feeling of love and belonging to school.

    5 students in the history of RKC have achieved the national best cadet of India in Jr Wing NCC awarded by the Prime Minister of India and four of us made to to school for the photo shoot and meet up. Only Giriaj Jadeja was not available as he is in USA. I am at loss of words to describe these precious moments we spent together and had so many photos taken. Thank you Sir for this special treat.

    Can you all believe this, in the afternoon the mess was full of ORA students and thier family and there was lack of space for some who had to have their lunch in part 2 and mind you the students of the school had their lunch in tents erected at another place. In the afternoon after lunch we rested a while and then went onto paly Hockey and a game of basketball. Some played football some had a go at horse riding too. We were lucky to beat the basketball B team but The A team was just too good and thrashed us. The topping was the dip in the swimming pool which froze us. I have never ever felt such cold water before. However we did swim two lengths which actually refreshed us from our tiredness.

    A cup of tea at 6.00 pm with all hugging and parting with warm goodbyes and we were back on our way home. A day has not been so long felt as we had activities through out the day.

    Thank you all those who made it and others who did not do make it next year. You can plan right now and book your dates. Come once you will come every year.

    3 cheers to RKC…………..

    With love and respect to all,

    Kumar Shah

  4. Dear All,

    It was a memorable ORA day at our beloved RKC. Would like to thank Mr. Thakker & all the RKC staff members who made this day memorable.

    And CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Ayaaz Khan for his outstanding achievement.


    Jayendrasinh Parmar

  5. Thank you Mr. Thakkar and your team for the hospitality and a commendable effort to make the gathering so COLOURFUL and ENTERTAINING. It was a perfect day and there was more than one could expect, THANK YOU again.

    To all those who were absent, You have missed something unexplainable..!

    Again, Congratulations to Mr Ayaazkhan for his achievements.

    Thank you to all those who were involved in any way with the event.

    Manish K Patel

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