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From the President’s Desk

From: The President’s Desk.

To: The Old Boy’s Association.

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013.

Dear RKCians,

Can you believe it? I have been sending you all letters off and on and yet, I have not written to you in my capacity of having been elected your President! So, before it is too late, let me make amends!

Looking back over the year that I have had the privilege of being President, it would appear there has been nothing happening………no meetings of the Managing Committee, or of the general group, but, there has been a considerable amount happening. Things that have been taking shape informally and bout which I will brief the ORA Managing Committee scheduled to meet on 14th April.

Throughout I have been repeating what I now see had also been the opinion that the last President had expressed in his letter: our Association will just not be interfering in the management of the School.  There are several of you who, because of your real concern for your old School, do want to see changes taking place, but it has to be kept in mind that each one of us has different opinions and there would be a huge cacophony. I have been working out a concept of how indeed, suggestions for improvement gets passed onto the Trustees without our being intrusive and I am glad to say, that in a very long and cordial meeting I had with the new President of the Trust Board, a clear message has been given to me which I am passing onto you, that our opinions would indeed be valued. Having said that, the President also spoke to me very candidly on the huge improvements that he is envisaging and where individual Old Boys would be welcomed to help. Let us not hassle him and his Board especially at a time when the current Principal is retiring and a new guard would be taking over.  You all will recall in one of my earlier letters a century plus old institution like the RKC has a certain momentum which cannot be hastened.

The last President, Shivrajsinh has all the while been very helpful in keeping contact open with me and if things seem to be a little tardy, the fault is entirely mine having as I do some other rather pressing matters to attend to; and advancing age does not help. One of the rather pressing issues has been the conservation of the Ranmal Lake of Jamnagar and I have just put together a representation to the Chief Minister to stall the rather hastily drawn up proposals to spend crores on “improving” facilities on and around the wonderful lake. I would appreciate all the Old Boys in Jamnagar and from Jamnagar to very kindly stand up and be counted.

The summer heat is on and water shortages are making themselves felt. The College would be facing a crisis of huge proportions unless the rains start with force before the end of the summer vacation.  Here is an area where some of us could offer to develop a blue print on conservation of water which will always be something of utmost importance considering the large number of people involved. The School may well set an example for the rest of Society to emulate.


Lavkumar Khachar.